Asp updating database from dropdown box

01-Sep-2017 04:13

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Next all we need to set up is the Data Source property of the Data Grid View setting it to the Territories Binding Source.

(By the way, all the code up to this point could all be written by the designers by using drag-and-drop from the Data Sources Window. Unfortunately a Combo Box won’t move the Binding Source’s position for you like list controls do (Grids, List Boxes).

You just need to keep both the runtime library and the documentation file next to each other.

I’ve been noticing a lot of questions on the forums related to Winforms data binding and the Combo Box and I thought I’d post something up here to help people out.

In the first case it’s not necessary to set up a data relation in your Data Set between the lookup table and the table you’re editing, but it doesn’t hurt.

In the second case it is necessary to create a relation between your parent and child tables. First we’ll use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to create a Data Set with Regions and Territories.

So we need to write some code: Because we have related Binding Sources the grid will automatically filter its rows based on the selected parent row in the Combo Box.

For instance, as the user selects a record in the Combo Box, you want to display all the related child records in a grid.

The trick is setting up the data binding properly using the Binding Source.

Abstract: This article is a guide for getting started with j Query using ASP. The article also shows you how to use Visual Studio intellisense feature to develop j Query and ASP. Google has hosted j Query on its CDN over here j Query 1.7 (CDN), there was an announcement made a few weeks ago that Microsoft will be partnering with the j Query team and shipping j Query with Visual Studio in future.

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Google and Microsoft provide free CDN's for you to use.

In VS 2005, go to the Data menu and select “Show Data Sources” then select “Add New Data Source”.